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5 Strange Things to Do In Spain!

Stranger Things: 5 Odd Spanish Attractions

Beautiful beaches, history, amazing food – Spain is every traveller’s dream.

Every year, tourists flock to cities like Barcelona and Madrid to soak up some of the Spanish culture and sun.

But if you’re a fan of the unusual, LottoExpress has rounded up some of the strangest things to do and see in Spain. Check them out!


Eat at a volcano-powered restaurant

Where: Island of Lanzarote, Spain

Order a meal at El Diablo restaurant, and your food will be cooked over a volcanic hole. This unique restaurant uses the heat from a volcanic hole to grill their meat to perfection.

How? A grill is laid over the opening of the hole – and heat from the bubbling lava 6 feet below creates the perfect temperature.


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Check out the ‘house of bones’

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Known as the house of bones by locals, Casa Batlló in Spain looks more like an animal than private house.

Divided into 3 different sections, one section looks like bones, the other echoes blood vessels and muscle, while the roof looks like a dragon’s scaly back!


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Visit a museum of chocolate  

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Got a sweet tooth? The Chocolate Museum tells the story of chocolate’s evolution in an innovative way.

Expect to see intricate sculptures made entirely out of chocolate, including cultural icons like Minnie Mouse and Louis Armstrong!


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Source: MuseuXocolata



Walk along the ‘route of faces’.

Where: Buendia, Spain

The ‘Ruta de las Caras’ or the Route of Faces is a hiking trail – with an artistic twist.

Over 18 sculptures have been carved into the sandstone along this trail, with some reaching over 8 feet high!

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Attend a baby jumping festival

Where: Castrillo de Murcia

Each year this Spanish town celebrates ‘El Colacho’, a festival where children are placed in neat rows of pillows spaced out down a public street.

Then, men dressed in traditional devil costumes go down the street, jumping over the rows of babies – as a symbolic way to absolve them of their innate original sin.


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Source: Nick Gammon,


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